Break the Mould!

Originally posted January 2nd, 2013


A friend organised a New Year’s Eve party and the theme was “A children’s party (for adults)”. So we all came dressed as we probably would have done as children. There were princesses, a ninja and, erm, Doctor Who. The pot luck table was full of child-friendly snacks (like “unicorn poop”, i.e. sweet rainbow-coloured biscuits with glitter).

My contribution to the table were moustache-shaped cookies. This was mainly because our hostess for the evening wrote a comedy show this past year for four ladies (one of whom was myself) and it entailed attaching fake moustaches onto our faces on stage. Some memorably slippery facial hair experiences were gained… And now I had found these perfect cookie cutters in an embarrassingly hipsterish design shop in Helsinki… I had to make moustache cookies!


There were 5 different shapes in the box and the idea was to first cut out the shapes and then turn the moulds around to imprint the top of the cookies with suitable moustache-like strands.

Now, I’ve never made cookies like this. I knew I wanted to do chocolate cookies. But most recipes you find, are for chocolate chip cookies and the like. Not the sort of dough that would go well with molds. The Finnish style ginger bread dough does work well for moulds, so I came up with a compromise. I used a random chocolate cookie recipe I found:,10489

And when I’d made the dough, I simply poured some runny honey into it. The idea was to give the dough a more sticky and malleable texture, like Finnish ginger bread dough which contains dark syrup. I didn’t have syrup, so I just grabbed the honey. And mixed it in. After that, I did what I’d do to ginger bread dough: I rolled the dough into a ball, put it in cling film and left it in the fridge over night, so it would harden enough for it to be easier to roll out with a rolling pin. And lo and behold, it worked!


I used the original cookie recipe’s cooking time and temperature (180 centigrade). About 10-12 minutes seemed ideal.

The end results were also edible and good. There were none left at the end of the night… 🙂


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