Cool Beans / Pot Luck

Originally posted February 28th, 2013

Long time no blog. A month.


I did cook a bit, you know. In fact, a couple of weeks ago I made some bean quesadillas and fruity salsa, when a group of girlfriends came over. This type of faux-Mexican, easy food is nice because you can make it in advance and just put the quesadillas together at your convenience.




My bean filling:

1 finely chopped onion

1 clove of garlic, crushed

rapeseed oil (for the onion and garlic to sautée in)

a handful of grated cheese

a tin of white beans (could be black beans too)

fresh coriander


lime juice

burrito spice mix from a bag

I used corn tortillas because they fry nicely.


Basically, chop up the onion, press the garlic into a hot pot with oil in. Sautée. Rinse your tinned beans and put them in the pot, add grated cheese and everything else to taste, and stir until the beans are beginning to come apart. You want a sticky goo, so your quesadillas will hold together. Get a non-stick pan and heat it up, put a tortilla in it, a couple of table spoons of filling onto the tortilla, some grated cheese and another tortilla on top. Press the top tortilla down tightly, and when the bottom one has got some colour, tip the quesadilla around and fry on the other side. The melted cheese and the bean goo should hold it together. Once it’s done, just slide it off to a plate and use a good knife to slice into four slices.


Fruity salsa:

fresh cantaloupe melon, diced

tin of mango, diced

fresh red chilli, finely chopped

lime juice

fresh coriander, chopped

Just mix the ingredients together. I found that tinned mango, with some bits being very soft, gave the salsa a nice, jammy consistency. The sweetness of the fruit with the heat of the chilli was a great combo.


I served my bean quesadillas and fruity salsa with some creme fraiche. I put some lime juice in the creme fraiche, to make it more… well, saucy.


The evening was made perfect by my guests who brought some ingredients for guacamole, tortilla chips and other good stuff to our Mexican-inspired pot luck table. Good times. 🙂


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