Last Christmas

Fondant Memories

Originally posted 6th January, 2013


I wanted to make something special for Christmas Day lunch.

At my mum’s house, Christmas is always a very low key affair and always has been: Just the two of us. But for some reason, we still go over the top with food. Must be our Karelian roots. Anyway, I wanted to make dessert and since I’d got the Masterchef Australia 2 cookery book for my birthday just before Christmas, I was dying to try out something in there. I thought I’d best start with something vaguely simple, so I chose Callum’s Chocolate Fondant.

There was a complicated bit in the instructions about molds and lining with baking paper… I had no molds. My mum had this old, slightly battered, metal cupcake tray. I decided to use that, carefully greasing each mold with butter. The width of the molds in the tray were the right diameter but not the required 6cm deep. Probably 4cm more like. So this meant cooking time had to be slightly adjusted when the time came to pop the fondants in the oven.

The recipe in the book serves 8, which was frankly a bit much for the two of us, so I halved the recipe. And being in Finland, I am used to the metric system, so halving cup-measurements required some calculations… Here’s what I put in:

100 g dark cooking chocolate

82 g butter

2 eggs

2 egg yolks

0,6 dl fine caster sugar

0,8 dl plain flour, sifted

See the book for the instructions… Basically I did what it said in the book. And put the fondants in the oven (180 centigrade) for about 9 minutes, which was 3 minutes under the estimated original cooking time. I figured that should counter the fact that my molds were a bit too shallow. This proved a good move. The fondants came out perfect, with the right degree of chocolatey gooeyness inside. And letting them sit for a bit on the kitchen counter after taking them out of the oven, they popped right out of the tray, like good little fondants.


All in all, another succesful experiment! And so encouraging that I will definitely try out Masterchef recipes in the future. Certainly, the desserts look very appetizing…


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