Oh, Crêpes!

Originally posted January 29th, 2013

I arrived home today after trying aerial yoga, of all things. I think I was feeling like something comforting to eat after all that up-in-the-air stuff. I had eggs in the fridge that would soon go off. And then I had two types of jam. And some cheddar…


I’m sorry but, as usual, I didn’t measure anything. It just went like this:

Semi-skimmed milk. Possibly about 1 dl.

4 smallish eggs.

A big spoonful of flour.

Sugar and salt to taste.

I suppose most crêpes recipes will have at least 3 eggs… The amount of flour varies. I reasoned that less flour, more eggs will allow me to make thin crêpes. And since it was just me eating, I didn’t want to make too many. In the end, my batter made me four large crêpes (about 25 cm in diameter).

Make sure your pan is hot enough and that you don’t put too much butter in at once. A very small amount will do, just to coat the bottom of the pan slightly. Or you could use oil. But that, too, with discretion. I’ve seen a French guy use a trick his mum taught him: Take a slice of apple, stick a fork into it and dip the slice of apple in oil. Then run the oily apple along the bottom of the pan to oil it very, very thinly.


The crêpes turned out fantastic. Even if I do say so myself.

But the fillings are just as important as the thin crêpes. I had two special jams. A fig and ginger preserve, which I decided to combine with some shredded mature cheddar. A tangy jam and cheese is such a lovely combo. Do try different types of cheese and jam together. You just might stumble on something great.

My decidedly sweet dessert filling was a simple, home-made apple preserve a friend gave me for Christmas. Wonderfully wholesome. I ate my crêpes with a big mug of strong English breakfast tea with milk.


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