Le quiche, c’est chic.

Been having a Rachel Khoo moment on this gorgeous September Saturday. Put on some bright orange lipstick and went kitchen equipment and food shopping at Stockmann’s – Helsinki’s biggest and, I believe, oldest department store. I needed a new baking tin and a ceramic pie dish. And I needed ingredients…

Two theatre friends are hosting a joint birthday party tonight. With a pirate theme. Naturally, I’m feeling more French and Khoo-ey. I decided to not try to make some pirate food. I mean, what do pirates eat anyway? The hostesses have promised salted meat and rhum. So I’m going to just do what I want to, and make a broccoli and brie quiche.


I used to have a fantastic quiche dough recipe in the mid-noughties, but I lost it. Time to do some googling again. I found this:


Not the most basic or classic quiche dough recipe, or “pâte brisée”, but easy and straight-forward enough.

For the filling I consulted several recipes, from Julia Child & co.’s Quiche au camembert to something similar by Hans Välimäki, the Finnish Gordon Ramsay (with similar ego but less of a temper – he is Finnish, after all). I did a mixture of what I found, trying to take into account the fact that my baking tin was a bit bigger than what Julia Child’s recipe had: a little more than a decilitre of crème fraîche, 1,5 dl of cooking cream, 4 eggs, salt, black pepper and a bit of white pepper. Hans Välimäki had only 3 eggs in his, but I thought my tin was also deeper and would need the extra egg to set the baked filling better.


In stead of allowing the dough to sit in the fridge for an hour, and putting one half of it aside and in the freezer for later use, I took it all after a half an hour of resting. I have this funny thing, that I don’t like to use a rolling pin to get my quiche dough thin and ready for the tin. I want to work it in by hand. I just do. So a softer, warmer dough is good for kneading it into the tin, until it’s even and thin, with enough dough around the edges to form a nice crust.


I cut the broccoli into smaller bits and blanched it quickly, draining it and leaving it to wait. I sliced the brie into small cubes and placed them at the bottom of the now pie-crusted tin. I placed bits of blanched broccoli in between. I poured the mixture of crème fraîche, cream and eggs on top, placing some more brie and broccoli pieces evenly in the tin. To give the quiche a nice cheesiness, I sprinkled grated cheese (something creamy and not too full of flavour) on top. I’d pre-heated the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. The quiche baked for about a half an hour.



The quiche is still cooling and I haven’t tasted it yet. Feeling adventurous (must be my inner pirate coming through), I’ll take my quiche over to the party in a couple of hours and we’ll see then and there, if it’s any good! I’ll report back afterwards.

I’ll also soon do a post on a nice little bulgur salad I did as a side-dish. Stay tuned…


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  1. brunssikka says:

    The quiche was a success. 🙂

    The crust was thin enough but not too crumbly. The filling was thick with a subtle taste. Brie and broccoli are a good combo but don’t pack as much punch taste-wise as quiche lorraine or something with, say, tomatoes. One thing I thought of, in hindsight, to add some zing: before putting in the filling, line your crust with French mustard.

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