Stuff it!

Anyone remember Jane Horrocks and her TV show, Nevermind the Horrocks? From the 90s? Remember the 90s? Anyway. There’s this skit about a mum who offers her grown-up son all kinds of stuff, starting with lots of food, when he comes over for a visit.

I mean the skit right after the model bit at the beginning. Well, that’s like me visiting my mum. I came away from her house yesterday with amazing pickled courgette, a whole pumpkin pie, some blueberry and quark cake, woolly socks and three HUGE red bell peppers. The peppers were just crying out to be stuffed. Perhaps with the leftover bulgur salad from the day before. There was all the leftover grated cheese from the quiche as well. Perfect.


(And as for Horrocks, I’d forgotten how funny the Phillipa sketches are… WATCH THEM.)

But now for some cooking.

Put some water in a big pan and get it boiling. Meanwhile, take you peppers and remove tops and seeds from inside. Cook the peppers for about 3 minutes, so they soften.


Fill the peppers with, in this case, the leftover bulgur salad with grated cheese mixed in, and top with a generous amount of, again, grated cheese. Naturally, there’s all kinds of things you could stuff your peppers with…


Heat oven to 175 degrees Celsius.  Pop your peppers in and let them bake for about 40 minutes. The last 5 minutes or so I put the grill on and let them roast a bit more. Just keep an eye on them, so they don’t burn…

End result: Yummy!



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