A Game of Chicken

After a terrible night of coughing up my lungs, I realised I wasn’t going to do anything fun today and probably not tomorrow either. Just stuck at home, blowing my nose and hopefully coughing up a little less of stuff… My theatre mates are putting on a one-off rehearsed reading. So none of that. Old workmates are getting together and cooking dinner. None of that, either. They were posting on FB about chocolate cake and aubergine pasta, so to make myself feel a little bit better about missing out on all that, it was time to tackle another Amy Willcock recipe: Chicken with apricots and prunes.


I didn’t know Amy Willcock is known as the Aga Queen. This makes me giggle a bit. See, it reminds me of Catherine Tate’s Aga Saga Woman.

Totally unrelated, I’m sure. Apart from the Aga thing. Well, let the record state, I am no Aga woman. But this here recipe is actually rather nice.

I followed it, except that I doubled it seeing I had two chicken legs  and I also made a little addition at the end. I didn’t use the most luxurious ingredients, but got everything a bit on the cheap.


First, get some bacon, chopped into cubes. I had mine straight out of a pack. Fry them and put aside. Place chicken legs in the pan and fry on all sides. Put aside with the bacon.


Toss in chopped shallots and quickly sauté, then pour out excess fat. Add the chicken and bacon back in and get the rest in there as well: chicken stock, white wine, chopped rosemary, dried plums and apricots, salt and pepper.


The recipe says to let it cook, covered, for about 15 minutes or until chicken is cooked. I let mine simmer for about 25 minutes. The chicken won’t dry, because it still has the skin on and there is a lot of delicious broth for it to stew in. I found my bacon to be quite salty, and the broth ended up needing a touch of sweetness. So I added some honey and more fresh rosemary right at the end.

I cooked some bulgur in salted water to have as a side dish.

The end result was proper comfort food. Yet it felt rather healthy. Getting rid of the excess fat and with the chicken meat stewed rather than fried, it probably is.


That was my lunch portion. That left me with a second portion to put in the freezer and have for lunch at Sunday’s theatre rehearsal. Hopefully, I’ll be making all the Thai cube microwaving lot incredibly jealous. 😉 And even after all that, I still have great broth with shallot and bacon bits as well as bulgur left, so I’m mixing those and adding red lentils for a lovely, tasty lentil soup for later.

Three meals with one recipe. Not bad. And I didn’t even run out of olive oil.


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  1. brunssikka says:

    And the photo of the dish is not one half of my lungs, as one dear friend suggested… Perhaps starting your text on a cooking blog with your cough-up stories isn’t smart. But, hey, I’ve been stuck in the house for three whole days all on my own. ❤ Yours truly

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