Shiksa and the Shakshuka

I got together with a couple of ladies of the editing profession. The food had to be veggie, fun and easy. I remembered my Brunch Club gals and I made an Israeli brunch dish last February called shakshuka. The great thing about shakshuka is that you just need a base of spices and tomatoes  and some eggs to cook on top – and the rest you can play with.

This time we started off with this recipe:


But we veered off soon enough. Firstly, I chopped up some onions and red sweet pepper – and sautéed them along with the spices and garlic. And we added some pre-cooked white and black beans after the tomatoes. I crumbled some feta cheese on top. And the final cooking of the eggs took place in the oven. Basically, I just kept an eye on them to see when they were done. You don’t want the egg yolks to cook through. A little runny is nice.


We had some baba ganoush with pomegranate seeds and hummus on fresh homemade bread for starters. Then the hearty shakshuka.


To finish off our Middle-Easterny meal, we had some banana “ice cream” with dates added in and fresh figs, pistachio hearts and honey. For the basic banana “ice cream” recipe just check out my previous “Cold Comfort” blog post. Turns out adding a few dates into the mix of frozen banana and cashew butter and honey works really well.



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