The Return of the Smoothie Operator

I bought a big bag of juicy oranges. I began to wonder what kind of smoothies they’d be good for.


After some googling and ogling, I came up with a simplified recipe of my own: A Yellow Yoghurt Smoothie. And because it contains turmeric (full of curcumin), it’s a tummy and liver friendly, cancer-busting, yellow miracle smoothie. Or just really nice and creamy.


You need:

1 small orange, the juice and some fruit pulp (if you like it)

2 halves of canned peach

about half a banana, frozen

a cup of unflavoured natural yoghurt

1 teaspoon of turmeric


Blend the lot and enjoy. You don’t need any extra sweetening. The ingredients are sweet enough themselves. And you don’t really taste the turmeric, except for a vaguely gingery top note. But that’s no surprise, considering turmeric is related to ginger. You could even, for extra kick, add some fresh ginger. I haven’t tried that yet. But I might.



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