Lazy Cooking: One Pot Wonder


Remember that University student life food staple? Good old noodles with frozen veg? Well, that’s what was hip in the early noughties among Helsinki students. I got this funny idea one night in April that I could shave off thin slivers of carrot and sweet potato and cook them with some egg noodle. Easy. The veg cooks as your noodles boil. One pot. Only a few minutes. Less washing up.

As I put the noodles in the pot and fiddled with the root veggies, I thought “nice orange colour they’ve got going” and I thought of putting some turmeric in the boiling water to make the noodles go a sunny yellow. Then I thought, they’re not going to taste like much, so after they’d boiled, I drained the yellow water out and splashed in some sweet chilli sauce. And then I ripped some fresh herbs on top, namely parsley and mint. And it was lovely.

This is the basic recipe:


  • 1 curl of egg noodles
  • 1 carrot, peeled and thinly sliced into slivers
  • a bit of courgette or sweet potato, thinly sliced into slivers
  • a pinch of salt and some turmeric in the boiling water
  • chopped herbs (coriander, mint, parsley)
  • sweet chilli sauce

Bring the water to the boil, adding salt and turmeric. Pop in the noodles, quickly followed by the veg. Boil until the noodles are cooked. Drain and mix in sweet chilli sauce. Garnish with plenty of herbs.


Just to be on the safe side, today I made it again. This time with thinly sliced carrot and courgette. And chopped parsley. Had I had coriander, that would’ve been preferable, I think. But hey, it’s still fast and spicy and sunny-coloured!


So if you ever fancy a quick, studenty noodle dinner, try this. Seriously lazy. Seriously fast.


And I’m now planning a fancy version. Add some edamame beans and orange rinds with a squeeze of orange juice. The colours are vibrant, it’s healthy and easy.



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