The Big Dipper

Just before Christmas, I had a group of old work colleagues coming over for what has become an annual Christmastime tradition: Snacks and drinks at mine followed by a visit to the local public sauna. IMG_4377

I suggested I make dips, one friend promised to make pita bread and others promised to bring veg for dipping. This time I wanted to try something different. I’d had my eye on a couple of recipes for Muhammara, a Syrian walnut and roasted pepper dip. On a recent trip to Tallinn I’d had really nice beetroot hummus. It was time to hit the old google. Here’s the beetroot dip I went for (and which I’ve made again since because it’s so good, easy and cheap):


All you really do is roast your diced beetroot with a bit of groundnut oil and then blitz them with chickpeas and garlic cloves.



IMG_4362   IMG_4357

Some of the more interesting ingredients you will need are fresh breadcrumbs and pomegranate syrup.

IMG_4360 IMG_4359

It’s quite tangy, with the chilli giving it a slight kick, but surprisingly fresh. If you have a mixer that can ground nuts, you can easily make it. It’s a bit more work because you have to roast peppers (unless you cheat and buy them ready-roasted). But definitely worth a try!


The girls liked both a lot (as well as the regular hummus I made). I wonder what dips to try next…


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