What’s eating…?

What’s cooking? Well, not as much as I’d like.

I must now express my humble apologies for having totally given up on blogging since early last summer… What can I say? I got a string of editing jobs on top of my full-time teaching gig.

I have been cooking a bit and I most certainly have been eating lots of interesting things. Towards the end of 2015 I even went travelling a little on a few occasions. My usual haunt, Tallinn, and then Andalucia and Istanbul. Total foodie heavens.

Oh, here’s a few pics to make you salivate…

Tallinn is amazing for food. There’s a café/organic food shop called NOP near Kadriorg park. Their blackcurrant pickled herring is the best herring I’ve ever had. I tried to convince them they should start selling that stuff. They said they’d think about it.

Then there was Spain… Seville and Cádiz, to be exact. And, yes, that rather rude-looking mouthful was actually a fantastic dish involving brie-pastry at Eslava in Seville. It’s delicious and it will make all the German and Dutch tourists around you giggle.

In Istanbul, I had some fantastic meze and other traditional fare as well as… a stuffed quince (the recipe was from the 15th century) and some smoked octopus washed down with raki.

So expect to see lots of those influences in my cooking in the coming months. Also, I will try to blog about a few experiments from the past 6 months. THERE WILL BE MAYO.


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