Still at it.

Just Grilling

This is not so much a recipe. It’s more of a recommendation. Of a cookbook and of a method of cooking. My absolute favourite cookbook this year has been Meera Sodha’s EAST. Every recipe I’ve tried has worked perfectly. I reckon it’s because they were originally created for the Guardian and have since been testedContinue reading “Just Grilling”

Galette Me Blow Your Mind

Midsummer rolled along, with heat wave upon heat wave on its heels. This, our second year of the pandemic, global warming provided us in Finland with a strawberry season slightly ahead of schedule. I wanted to do something quick and easy for dessert on Midsummer night for me and my sweetie, and it seemed everyContinue reading “Galette Me Blow Your Mind”

What’s cooking? Lots.

I haven’t blogged in ages. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been cooking. I’ve cooked lots. But there’s been other stuff. Life has changed, certainly. I find myself in a lovely relationship (with the added bonus of three fun kiddos) and partly due to my partner’s influence, partly due to my own inclinations I’veContinue reading “What’s cooking? Lots.”


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About Me

That’s me in my partner’s kitchen looking very pleased with a bunch of rhubarb. Nowadays I divide my time between my own still tiny kitchen and my partner’s slightly more spacious one. Nothing small about the cooking, however!

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